The board is formed for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, professional, and civic interests of Brighton. Its purpose is to support a healthy business climate in which retail, commercial industrial, and non-profit interests can work together to foster a community supportive of trade.

The Brighton Board of Trade was established in 1945 to help the neighborhood business community of Brighton, specifically by:

  • lowering the costs of doing business in Brighton,
  • increasing individual member’s sales and profits, and
  • promoting a community spirit that improves the overall quality of life of Brighton residents.

The Brighton Board of Trade also works in conjunction with the neighborhood schools, small businesses, and sports organizations to help with their financial needs. In addition, the Brighton Board of Trade annually awards scholarships, makes donations to local little league and other non-profit organizations to assist with their financial needs.

The Brighton Board of Trade is in place for the community to take advantage of for support and assistance.We feel that there are numerous ways for the BBOT to reach out to help all interested parties and those in need.

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